Ashley is dating lance armstrong

From Dallas, Texas, the flash, apparently official. Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong and Full House alumnus Ashley Olsen started dating at P. Central Standard Time, two o’clock Eastern Standard Time…

This bizarre pair dated back when Cruise was trying out different celebrity actresses to be the next Mrs.

Tom Cruise (with the help of the Church of Scientology, obviously).

Sadly, they called off their engagement in 2007 (which probably resulted in some really moody music, honestly). (Sorry.) These two apparently had a brief fling in 2002, which is amazing, and also, how did I never know this??

These two didn’t exactly ~*date*~, but they definitely smooched a little bit, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s still bizarre enough to count. Lance Armstrong started dated Ashley Olsen in 2007 (yes, she is 15 years younger than him, thank you for asking.) Apparently, Armstrong’s friends were unsupportive of the relationship, warning him that the unusual romance would damage his image.

Funny he never threatened to sue when he was exposed by several players in the league for being a racist. As for Ashley – after two weeks, things have apparently not cooled off between her and Lance Armstrong. A report has surfaced from Radar today that one of Lance’s twin girls took Lance’s twin girlfriend to class the other day for show and tell. Here he is at the Valentino Gala over the summer with his last girlfriend Tory Burch who looks curiously like his ex Sheryl Crow both of whom bear more than a passing resemblance to his ex wife Kik.

Not quite the prick that Avery is, not even close, but Lance is also not exactly the guy who’ll take care of you forever. And you know the Olsens are notoriously private and guarded. The good news is Ashley doesn’t look like any of them.

Here are just a few blast-from-the-past relationships that will blow your tiny little brain — or, more accurately, will probably make you say “Holy sh*t, I forgot about those two!

” Even though these romantic relationships no longer exist, they will live on forever in our pure 2000’s hearts.

What it says is that clearly Avery is a jerk-off almost as universally despised as Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton.

And in the face of mounting public hate, he is of course pulling out the lawsuit card.

So magical, in fact, that we may have collectively repressed some of the actual events which occurred in the 2000’s. Totally pushed to the back of my mind, forever and ever, amen.

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