Eve torres and brady dating

Julie would be dealt another blow when she learned her mother Addie and Doug were expecting a child.

In 1974 Julie became engaged to Don Craig, however she broke it of when she learned her mother Addie was dying, and their may be a chance for her and Doug after all.

Samara Weaving is also the niece of the famous actor Hugo Weaving known as Agent Smith…

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Julie was pregnant with Bob's child when she decided to divorce him.

Julie thought she might have a chance with Doug, but Doug knew she was with child and told her he didn't love her and to return to Bob.

Phyllis felt betrayed by Julie, and in an attempt to murder her she accidentally shot her own daughter Mary.

Julie's marriage to Bob Anderson wasn't up to par with the exciting life she was living, and by 1975 Julie decided to leave Bob Anderson.

Julie moved into Doug's guest room, and eventually began to rebuild her relationship with her son David.

However David's girlfriend Brooke grew jealous of their relationships and began spreading lies that Julie was pregnant with Doug's child and not Bob's.

When no body was found David was pronounced dead, and a memorial service was held for him.

Near the end of 1975 Julie would receive news from Paul Grant that David was alive and staying with his family.

Julie would eventually give birth to her child, who she named David, and following her Grandfather's advice she gave the child up for adoption.

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