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Flower small showy, fruit, dark shiny blue ovoid in a red cup attached to a red stalks, maturing late summer.

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At least one grows in Connecticut, according to a friend of mine.

The usual given range is Massachusetts south to central Florida, west to Iowa and Texas.

In 1603 two ships left England for North America for the singular purpose to take home sassafras.

By 1610 sassafras was so prized that providing sassafras oil was one of the conditions of the Virginia Charter.

Usually a shrub in the north, can be a tree in the south but usually a small scraggly tree. ENVIRONMENT: Dry sandy spots, full sun to some shade.

Here in Florida it likes to grown like a persimmon, along the edges of woods, fields and roads.

Because some researchers force fed some lab rats excessive amounts of sassafras oil —safrole — and they got ill.

That people didn’t get ill from drinking root beer was irrelevant.

Then owner of the tree, Grace Rash, would have none of that. Oh, paleobotanists say the sassafras is like the ginkgo, a living fossil, going back some 100 million years….

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