Karachi chatsex foto fon no

but it does not mean that girls from small towns are not.

Chill guys but please if you found few suggest them to go to Peshawar or Maina wali... pakistani girls can be from any "area" or location to be beautiful and sexy.

if you put a label on them it is like labelling which men are the hunkiest from which area of pakistan. in punjab they like fat girls (fat hips) too and call them sexy u just have to see all the film hordings and i read in the forum about sexiest girl being from anywehre.

just google mag fashion or daily times sunday to see what i mean. But Lahore will STRIKE BACKKK hehehe Sorry this is just a dumbass reply of mine to a ridiculous discussion but WHAT THE HECK paki girls ruleeeee !!

When we mention Lahori girls ofcourse we are referring to girls from Punjab and Punjabi women from all parts..... Sindhi women have hardly been seen by public (except for benazir!!

hello guys, Every body has its own taste in girls, some like simple and some like modern.

Mostly Modern can be found in big cities like Lahore, Karachi , Islama bad etc.

i guess i ddi pretty well this is a very dumb question like, whose the sexiest model, whose the most beautiful actress, are lahori girls better, are karachi chicks or city girls sexier than village girls? If im in Islamabad, i will be biased towards isloo girls and so on and so forth.

just my two rupees the question asked was about attractive girls but the discussion had gone to sexiest girls.

And mostly simple Girls can be found in Small cities. But guys i would like to bring your attention that recently i been to Malaysia and guess what i saw..........!!!!!!!

I found few Pakistani Gays were standing out side the dance club.

I'd like to call myself a girl scratching my appearance, I am satisfied.

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