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Severance benefits can be provided based on a unilateral decision by the employer or through the terms of a collective bargaining agreement.

The amount of severance benefits paid also varies by employer.

Health insurance benefits cover all or part of costs incurred for medical care.

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Based on explicit statutory provisions in the ADEA and the ADA, these benefits raise issues that cannot be resolved through standard disparate treatment or impact analyses.

This Section addresses in depth specific issues that are likely to arise when discrimination in these benefits is alleged.

Short-term benefits are those available for more temporary conditions where the employer anticipates that the employee will be able to work again in a relatively short period of time.

There is no precise amount of time that differentiates long-term from short-term disability benefits, and their purpose is the same.

Severance benefits are benefits offered to employees who are terminated from their jobs.

In many instances, severance benefits will be provided when an employee is terminated for reasons other than his/her performance or conduct -- that is, most typically, in reductions-in-force or downsizing due to economic or business concerns.They can be distributed in a lump sum or as annuities that are paid periodically for life.Among other criteria, employers typically require employees to reach a "normal retirement age," and/or to have rendered a particular number of years of service, in order to receive full -- "unreduced" -- retirement benefits.The amounts or types of coverage available may also be capped or limited.Disability benefits provide salary replacement for employees who are unable to work due to illness or injury.The issues with regard to these types of benefits will typically be whether the differential was based on a protected classification or had the effect of discriminating, and whether the employer has a defense to that discrimination.

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