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In other words, adults successfully completing the Nasca will have shown that they are able to read and use information to solve problems, apply their knowledge skilfully, and write clearly and coherently in their areas of study.

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L/A, FDP, SADTA, IDTA.) Beverley Hammond, having sold her Johannesburg studio to relocate to Pretoria, opened The Beverley Hammond Dance School, the first Freestyle Studio in Pretoria, in May 1987.

By the end of the first month there were approximately 60 pupils.

We are very privileged to have them as part of our team at the Beverley Hammond Dance School.

A number of pupils trained in The Beverley Hammond Dance School have moved on to qualify and even become Examiners under the SADTA.

For the purposes of this qualification, adults are defined as people of 18 years or older.

Its aim is to allow the many people who do not finish school a fresh start towards achieving a school-leaving certificate that says to the world: “This adult has the kind of knowledge and types of skills one could reasonably expect from a person leaving school after 12 years of solid education.” Prior learning The Nasca could be considered as a form of recognition of prior learning (RPL) because it is an opportunity for adult learners to demonstrate what they know.

Beverley was one of the first teachers to qualify under the SADTA in Freestyle and from there, has worked up through the ranks to become an Examiner, International Adjudicator and Chairlady of the SADTA Gauteng Branch, and heads up Freestyle Dance in South Africa.

Many South African Freestyle titles have been won by the studio, including Darren Hammond being placed 2 in the Men’s Freestyle World Championships, & 3rd in World Disco Dance Championships.

Social Ballroom and Latin American Teenage and Adult classes had by then also commenced. The studio now has approximately 300 pupils and hundreds have passed through the doors over the past 28 years.

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