Words for sexychat

I was very concerned about my daughter's safety, so I tried to contact Habbo, it took forever to respond, and the customer service is not good at all. Habbo, it's THE place for a kid to have some fun and chat with other teens in a safe environtment - says Sulake.

People were banning her from chat rooms because she said "Hi." Now she knows a LOT of swear words and sex words thanks to this game. But when you're actually on it for a day you'll see users trying to do long distance dating and showing severe sexual behaviour.

It's against the Habbo way and we need to keep a nice clean hotel!

" Their working their butts off to try to keep the site up and nice for people.

You have to go to certain rooms people make for it.

And Habbo Moderators are constantly sending out alerts to those in sexual based rooms saying, " Do Not Cyber!

This is not at all educational, positive, a learning experience, or a means through which one can make 'friends'. Habbo should use even stronger means to prevent such things from happening and hire a larger number of moderators to do their job well.

Although I have said '18 ', this site should actually not be used by any one of a decent background and with morals.

There's also an 'ignore' button when you click on a person.

You can ignore them and hear NOTHING that person says. And there isn't random people walking around looking for sexuality based things.

Of course there's going to be people out there that are rude and nasty.

But we try our best to just try and tune these people out! I mean it's good, but just because it doesn't really teach doesn't mean it's so horrible.

There is no option to select 'for no age' so I had to select the highest age, but please, if you have a sense of self-respect, find another hobby. One day, she came up to me and asked me to try Habbo.

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